Another Week Down!

Hey Y’all,

I had a pretty great week this week and conference definitely made it better too! I didn’t get to go but my comp did. It didn’t really matter whether I was there or not though, it was great nonetheless. I honestly think that Uchtdorf is now my favorite speaker out of everyone (not including the prophet) because he is always straight forward/ serious while including humor and interesting stories in his talk that have to do what he is speaking about. I’m sure that most of y’all were able to watch it too and enjoy it as well so I won’t go too in depth with that, but I will tell you something cool that completely blew my mind.

My companion pointed out to me 2nd Nephi verse two of chapter 12 (the chapter has to do with Latter Day Temples) that if you go down from the U in mountain to the H in hills, it spells out Utah. I honestly never knew that until he showed me but I think it is cool!

Another crazy thing happened out of the blue when we had dinner at a members home this week. When we had dinner at this family’s house (The Englands) we got on the subject on missions and where one of their kids served, and it turns out that they had a missionary that returned from the Leeds England mission and that he was companions with Sam (Or Elder) Hazen for part of his mission!  It was extremely surprising but it was cool nonetheless, haha.

We haven’t been able to get too far with most of our investigators this week, but we have a baptism scheduled for this week on the Saturday the 13th so we will see where that goes. Other than that not too much happened, but I guess as a missionary you’ll have those types of weeks every once in a while. I hope that everyone is doing well and that you are staying safe.

Take care everyone!


Elder Theodosis


2 thoughts on “Another Week Down!

  1. Elder Theodosis,
    This is Susan Goodall. I love your letters and it’s great to hear how well you are doing. Try not to focus too much on home. You’ll be surprised how quickly your time will pass. Hunter has already been out for a year! He can’t believe he only has a year left. He wishes it would slow down. Keep busy and make sure you doing your planning sessions with your companion, Hunter said that’s so important to keep focused! We think of you often. I’m going to have to send you some chocolate chip cookies!
    Sister Goodall

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