I Met a Lot of Different People this Week

Hey y’all!  I am so sorry if you didn’t get my email last week, the computers we use here really suck and are like 10 years old.  I had a lot that I wrote last week about my companion Elder Tafengatoto, the mission and how I had a huge reality check, and I had some pictures that I attached to it.  I am sorry if that didn’t get to everyone. Like I said before, these computers suck.  Anyways I have been able to meet various types of people this week and not surprisingly there are a lot of members in Utah, and we work with the less active or inactive.  My companion and I get lots of referrals for people that either used to be members or that have part-member families which is pretty nice.

I went on two exchanges this week with some of the other missionaries in our district.  On the first exchange I was able to run into a Bulgarian that is part of the Greek Orthodox church and she had an accent too.  I told her that I was half Greek and she thought that was kind of interesting, but I think that out of that first exchange the weirdest thing was probably getting the door slammed in our face by a lesbian.  Yes, I said lesbian and she even told us that she was.  They said that they didn’t need to hear our message and that they were happy with what they already had.  I also met a couple of people that didn’t even believe in God (Athiest) or what their purposes were in life but that when they die, they will just become a part of the earth.  I will admit that the work here can be extremely difficult but it is all mainly where my mindset is.  I know that if I focus less on the electronics and such (which I kind of already have) then I will be fine.  Oh, and I forgot to mention about one of the things that I said I wrote to y’all last week – we actually had two baptisms two weeks ago, and the names were Justin & Spencer Reddon. They are 8 and 10 and also got confirmed members yesterday, because the week before we didn’t have church because they were broadcasting the dedication of the Brigham City Temple.

Well, that is about all that I have for y’all and if I didn’t get all my photos up from last week then I will make sure and get those to y’all next week!

I hope that all of you guys are doing well!


Elder Theodosis


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