5 More Days!

Hey Y’all! I hope that everybody is doing well!  I have had a lot going on again this week.  I have still been doing a lot of practice teaching with investigators and my companion and I have been able to see our flaws and improve on them a whole lot.  I am now starting to get a little tired of the MTC and I really want to go out to the mission field even though I will technically just be going 30 minutes to where my mission will be.  I am so happy that I will be leaving this coming Tuesday though because I want to actually go and do it instead of meeting with the same people (companions and teachers) for practice.  I know it helps so I won’t complain too much about that. I lost my other pair of scriptures so I ended up having to buy another pair.  I will be try to do better about  keeping up with where I leave my stuff now, especially because I will be leaving in 5 days!  We woke up today at 6 am so that we could tie-dye ties today; it was pretty fun and I know that they will look sweet hahaha. I love everyone in my district, even though at times I get a little irritated because I have to have someone follow me around 24/7 when I honestly could just do most things myself.

I love and miss everybody and I hope that you all continue to do well!

Write me at www.DearElder.com  please! I would love to hear from y’all!

Elder Theodosis


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